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We are approaching the final stage of our Backflow Prevention Program.

DCVAinstall 33a

             As many of you know, in 2013 CRRWC along with the  Public Utilities Commission (PUC) put into place a rule that required every property on the water system to have a Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA).  Since that rule was put into place, we have installed over 750 assemblies. All of these assemblies have been new members and established residents  requesting a DCVA installation.

A DCVA helps to protect the water system by preventing water from flowing in the opposite direction from each individual property connection, back into the system.  This can happen any time the pressure in the system becomes less than the pressure on a property.  This can occur when a major line breaks, when repairs are being done to the system, or a high volume of water is being used by the fire department.  Because CRRWC does not know of potential hazards on individual properties, the DCVA is important for the continued protection of the water system.

Because of the success of the program over the past 4 years, there are only 400 properties that do not have a DCVA.  It is the responsibility of the CRRWC to continue to protect the health and well being of the water system as much as possible.  With that in mind, starting in the spring of 2018, we will require 100 of those property owners without a current DCVA to have CRRWC install one at the owners expense.  Part of the rule with the Public Utilities Commission is that all of the backflows installed after April of 2013 are to be installed by CRRWC.  In August we will be sending out a survey that will provide us with some information regarding these properties.  We will use the survey to help prioritize what properties we will address first.  If a person does not return a survey to the office, that property will become a high priority installation. 

Click Here to view the Public Utilities Commission's rule for Crooked River Ranch Water Company's Backflow Program.