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2016 Infrastructure Project

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The 2016 Infrastructure Project was developed to address some critical needs of the water system.  During the 20-year master plan that was developed in 2012, engineers determined that low water pressure, inadequate water storage, along with wells that barely met demand where the three issues that needed to be addressed first.  This project would address all three of these issues.

The best solution to address the issue of low water pressure and in adequate storage, was to build a 1.1-million-gallon water storage tank that stands 120 feet tall.  This put the water level 50 feet higher then the old reservoir when full. This would provide a 20psi pressure increase to the majority of the members. The large capacity of this new tank would supply the system with a million gallons more of usable water then the old 700,000-gallon reservoir that only had 100,000-gallons was usable water due to the elevation and low pressures that was caused when the water level became to low.  

To address the production concerns of the current wells it was decided that there would be a new 1200 gallon per minute well that would be placed next to the new elevated tank.  This well would provide enough water to supply the system during the peak of the season and would also provide enough water to accommodate future growth. This new well would also be equipped with a generator for backup power in case of a power outage.

With all this new infrastructure a new system to operate this new system was needed.  It was important that we had a telemetry system in place that not only efficiently operated all aspects of the system but also had redundancies and backups built in.  If any part of the system failed it would default over to another part of the system as to maintain uninterrupted operations.  For this reason, we completely updated the SCADA system to a current high efficiency system.  

The cost of this project was $6.5million. Click Here to see more on this project