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Water Tower Project

  Financing for the Water Tower and Well Project.  

Total project cost is $6.4 million and is financed through the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development.  Through the 

USDA the project received $1.5 million in grant funds and will finance $4.9 million over 40 years. Interim financing is through Bank of the Cascades.



Well 5 Start Up Water Quality Testing

Photo and Video Gallery


Original Water Tank History and Demolition

December 13th Update

The New 1200GPM well and Water tower was put into service on November 17.  For the most part the system has been working as designed and most of our members have seen a 20psi increase.




If you have question about this or any other part of the project please e-mail Frank Day at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You may also call our office at 541.923.1041







Project engineer is Parametrix out of Bend Companies working on the project 

Geo-technical engineer is Newton Consulting of Redmond

Tank Contractor is Landmark Structures out of Texas

Ground work contractor is Jack Robinson and Sons out of Bend

Construction Started on October 5th 

We have received all of the funding, contracts have been signed and the Pre Construction meeting was held on Monday September 28th. With everything in place the contractors started work on the New Water Tower October 5th.

Because of the abundant amount of rock in our area, Jack Robinson & Sons will be blasting as the primary excavation.  This will allow the project to go much faster and with less noise then other forms of excavation.  Before any blasting is done any homes in proximity of the blasting will be surveyed by an independent claims representative at the discretion of CRRWC .  Seismographs will also be used to monitor and record vibrations.  This allows Jack Robinson & Sons to tune and make adjustments as needed to their powder loading factor.  Residents that are near the blasting will also be notified well in advance of the days they plan to blast, and their blasters will also knock on doors to give a last minute reminder before detonation.  They will be using 2 feet of silty material over the blast area to help  dampen the blast and prevent flying rocks. 

Jack Robinson & Sons has also looked at ways to reduce the amount of truck traffic on our local roads.  By having an onsite rock crusher they can reduce trips of heavy truck traffic by approximately 425 trips.  This will reduce the road damage, dust, congestion, and improve safety.  Hours of operation for the crusher will be from 8am to 4pm on and off as needed over the course of a month as needed. Water will be used to help mitigate the dust from the crusher.

The Tank is scheduled to be completed in late October of 2016.  The final completion of the project is scheduled for January of 2017


If you have question please contact Frank Day This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.